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Economic Review is a publication of the Croatian Economic Association (CEA) in which theoretical, empirical and applicative papers from all economic fields are published. The magazine is published monthly, 12 numbers a year.

Economic Review publishes papers of CEA members. One can become a CEA member with a subscription to Economic Review. Guidelines for becoming a member are laid out on the last page of the magazine.

Please send your papers to:
"Economic Review" Editorial Board
c/o Ekonomski institut,
Zagreb Trg J. F. Kennedyja 7
10000 Zagreb

The papers have to be written on A4 format, with double spacing (including footnotes and references), with wider margins and consecutively numbered pages. Three copies in paper form are sent, and an identical copy is sent electronically - in WORD or PDF form.

The first page should contain the author's name and surname, the name and address of the author's place of work, e-mail, phone number and the paper's title. Generally papers should not be longer than 24 pages (1,5 sheet), including bibliography. The summary which is submitted in both Croatian and English sets out in 10-15 lines the objective of the paper, its methodology, results and conclusion. Sources quoted in the text are stated in a shortened version; e.g. (Porter, 1990). If on the other hand part of the paper has been taken over or literally copied, the page from which it is copied should be stated as well. If more papers of the same author that have the same publication year are stated, they should be differentiated with letters (a, b, c,) after the publication date. Bibliographical data has to be complete and accurate. A list of papers used and quoted is given at the end of the text in alphabetical order in the following manner:

Books: Porter, M. E. (1990). The Competitive Advantage of Nations. New York: The Free Press, A Division of Macmillan. Jurković, P. (2002). Javne financije. Zagreb: Masmedia.

Papers in magazines: Aghion, P. (2002). "Schumpeterian Growth Theory and the Dynamics of Income Inequality", Econometrica, (70), 3: 855/882. Padjen, J.(2002). "Determinante prometne politike Hrvatske", Ekonomski pregled, (53), 1-2: 72-105.

Papers in proceedings: Brunner, K., Meltzer, A.H. (1990). "Money Supply". U:Friedman, B.M., Hahn, F.H. (ur.), Handbook of Monetary Economics, vol.1. North-Holland, Amsterdam, str. 357-396. Spajić, F.(2001). "Porezni poticaji u funkciji financiranja trgovačkih društava". U: Ekonomska politika Hrvatske u 2002.-IX. tradicionalno savjetovanje HDE u Opatiji, Zagreb: Inženjerski biro, str. 268-284.

A paper that is not organized in accordance with these guidelines shall be returned to the author.

Papers that aim to receive scientific/professional categorization shall undergo review. Those papers that are positively reviewed are published. These papers are categorized in the following way: - original scientific paper (contains yet unpublished results of an original scientific study) – previous announcement (contains results of new research of ongoing projects and does not have to contain sufficient particularities that would enable review like original scientific papers. Such papers require fast publication.) – a review paper (provides a summarized and critical view of the state and trends in a certain field, and is accompanied with a vast bibliography that shows the author's contribution to a given field.) – professional paper (does not have to be connected to an original study, rather it gives suggestions as to the application of the results of the previous scientific study.) – exposition from a scientific conference (it should be drafted as a complete paper; it is published at the editor-in-chief and the editorial board's proposal.)

The decision on the categorization is made by the Editorial Board at the proposal of two reviewers.